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Hidden Book Phenomenon

Thousands of books have been hidden across the Cumbrian countryside for children to discover. Clues are given on social media in relation to their locations.

The hidden books scheme was started by a woman from Parton, in West Cumbria, who wanted to give her grandchildren something to do during the summer months.

  • I think this is a fantastic idea. It combines a sense of adventure with the excitement of discovery and will encourage children to read!

Hundreds of people have been participating in the scheme since it began a few weeks ago. Cumbria Police have even been getting in on the act. Several copycat Facebook groups have sprung up, replicating this amazing hidden book phenomenon.

The book I found, hidden beneath a twisted tree at Longlands Lake was left there by Harley and Poppy – a note said, “You are the lucky finder of this book. Keep it as long as you please. When you have finished with it, rehide for someone else to find and enjoy”.

I left the book in situ for eager children to discover.

Well done to all those involved. It’s great to see so many people participating in this rewarding, and innovative scheme. Sometimes the simplest of ideas are the best!

A Hidden Book For Children To Discover
A Hidden Book For Children To Discover


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