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Pretty Petunias

I’m amazed. A few weeks ago, I shared a photo with you of some Wave Petunias that I had planted. I’m not a flowery person, and haven’t got a clue about growing plants. Despite the odds of success being low, and the chances of me killing the Petunias being extremely high, I’ve somehow managed to grow something that actually looks OK! 😊

Now that I’ve got them flourishing, I guess I’ll have to sit with fingers crossed, and wait for them to begin to flow over the edge of the two fence troughs that they’re pullulating in. Knowing my luck, some little runt will come along and pull them all out. Lol.

I’ve probably planted the flowers too late in the year to have a fantastic display, but at least I have a little colour, and am more aware of what I’m doing for next time around. I’m already thinking of buying a propagator. I might be hooked. Hmm.. what should I do for winter? Lol.

Wave Petunias
Wave Petunias


    • I’m much better now Elaine, thanks. The tablets were a struggle for the first few weeks – everything seemed to be much harder to do. Walking up stairs, or even sweeping the pavement outside my home would leave me completely shattered. Now, things are sort of normal – I’m still on the tablets, but the tiredness is no longer there. Thank goodness.

      Thanks for asking ☺

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