Brown Thumbed

The opposite of green fingered, is brown thumbed. Where plants are concerned, I haven’t had much luck at all. Whatever I plant has a tendency to die. Maybe I should water them. Perhaps artificial would be better?

Seriously though, I have never been very interested in flowers. Hell – I live in a home without a garden. I didn’t want the hassle of weeding, digging, and whatever else goes into making green things grow.

But. In recent weeks, I’ve been thinking of what I can do to brighten up the front of my house. My first investment was a large pot. That has now got two lovely flowery things growing in it. My neighbour says that they will get too big – she’s probably right. How was I to know that Hydrangeas can grow to a substantial size? lol

The past week, I’ve been tending to some Trailing Wave Petunias that I’m planning on adding to a couple of troughs that I’ll attach to my fence. The flowers haven’t died yet, so I must be doing something right.

Petunias – Do I space them close together, or wide apart? They’re dainty little things at the moment – I’m worried I’m being lulled into a false sense of security. I don’t want to be caught out by what might be aggressive growers. Help! What do I do? 😂

Trailing Wave Petunias
Trailing Wave Petunias


  1. Wave petunias spread by width so space this about 10″ apart. Petunias are a full sun plant but here in Texas and our extreme temperatures, ours do better in partial sun/shade. Water them a few times a week late in the afternoon.

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      1. Your quite welcome. I have a picture of my petunias on my blog. Begonias are easy to grow but they like part sun/shade and watering a few times a week.

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