Fridge Magnet

Due to having an enforced slow-down due to a medical condition, I decided to have a fiddle in PhotoShop to see what I could create. I took a photo of a souvenir from a ‘years ago’ holiday – a fridge magnet (why do we buy them?) and then set about manipulating the scene.

  • The water texture was created within Photoshop using a variety of tools: Noise filter; Blur; Chalk & Charcoal; Blur; Bas Relief; Motion Blur; Gradient Map, etc.
  • The sky was added from a stock collection.
  • The sunburst and light elements were added within Photoshop.

I hope my image of a ship sailing at sunset is fairly convincing 🙂

Try this challenge yourself!

Photo Of A Fridge Magnet
Fridge Magnet


  1. Janet says:

    Very cool!

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  2. I hope you are feeling better! Art is great therapy!

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  3. Fridge magnet is the type of souvenir that doesn’t take up space at home as it stay on the fridge. Though in my case, I put them on my boiler, lol. Of course they’re pointless but that’s just the thing. I hope you get better soon!

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    1. I bet millions are sold every year lol 😂

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  4. Sherry Felix says:

    I do that too when I am locked in. I hope you recover soon.

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    1. I’ve got a couple of appointments coming up over the next week with my Dr, so hopefully I’ll be closer to knowing what’s happening.


  5. Janice Scott says:

    Sorry to read you’re not well, hope you are fighting fit soon!
    This is a great exercise BTW.

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    1. Thanks Janice – it keeps the old mind ticking over and stops me from being driven up the wall with frustration lol

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  6. wezlo says:

    That’s pretty awesome.


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