Week In Focus #31

This is picture #31 of a weekly Photo Challenge that I set myself – there is no particular theme. The idea behind the challenge is to get myself outside into the Cumbrian countryside, at least once a week.

  • This week’s photo is of the lovely Oxeye Daisy. This flower is in bloom around the solstice. The large daisy is a sure sign that summer has arrived.

The plant bears up to three large “flowers” like those of a typical daisy. Below the head is an involucre of glabrous green bracts with brownish edges. Flowering mostly occurs from late spring to early summer.

The Oxeye daisy is native to Europe, and to Turkey and Georgia in Western Asia. It is a typical grassland perennial wildflower, growing in a variety of plant communities including meadows and fields, under scrub and open-canopy forests, and in disturbed areas. The species is widely naturalised in many parts of the world and is considered to be an invasive species in more than forty countries. It grows in temperate regions where average annual rainfall exceeds 750 mm (30 in), and often where soils are heavy and damp.

Oxeye Daisy
Oxeye Daisy


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