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Snowfall Time-Lapse

We’ve had some snow falling here in West Cumbria this morning, so I set-up the time-lapse function on my new Canon 6D Mark II to capture it. It’s the first time I’ve done a time-lapse with this camera… and I jumped straight in without reading the instructions. Doh!

I was going to leave the camera running for as long as possible, but since I didn’t read the instructions, the recording stopped automatically. Now.. I’m pulling out the instructions to learn more about the time-lapse function🤭

Anyways.. here you go. I hope you enjoy all 20 seconds. Lol:


  1. I missed our snow. It was sleeting when I returned from dropping Julia off and when I stuck my head out again at 8.30 and there was snow. Fortunately not as much as you had – all gone now. Good idea to catch it on film.

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    • Its gone from here at the moment. We’re due some more this evening, and then possibly in a week’s time looking at the longer range forecasts.


  2. Be glad you don’t live in MN. LOL. Just got about another 8 inches of heavy wet snow last night that I spent a total of 4 1/2 hours shoveling/snow blowing. I love shooting in the snow but hate the maintenance part of it. Feb was our snowiest month ever (36 “ or so).

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    • I’ve only ever seen really deep snow in the early 90’s. Our youngest was a few month old. I had to wade through a couple of feet of snow for around two miles to get some milk for him. My parents said what we experienced back then was commonplace in the 50’s.

      In such a short period, of time, it’s shocking how much the climate has changed. Today, we’ll get a couple of cm max on the roads. A little further inland things do change drastically – it’s higher ground.

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      • Yep. We’ve been spoiled by milder winters these past few years. Even the first part of this winter. But it has roared back with a vengeance these past couple of months. I bet you’re glad you don’t have to trudge a couple miles through snow since that one time. Lol

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