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Week In Focus #18

This is picture #18 of a weekly Photo Challenge that I set myself – there is no particular theme. The idea behind the challenge is to get myself outside into the Cumbrian countryside, at least once a week.

  • This weeks photo is of a hand-made sign on the roadside, adjacent to Crummock Water.

We are now in lambing season, and soon mischievous lambs will be exploring their environment – this includes ducking under gates and going for a wander on country roads.

Do be extra cautious when driving, especially when on the narrow country roads that zig-zag across the county. Tek care!

Tek Care. Lambs Ont Road.
Tek Care. Lambs Ont Road.


  1. This is a beautiful landscape! Seems like a wonderful country 🙂 I remember when we were in Tbilisi Georgia, we have witnessed cows in the middle of the highway…You must way for them to move willingly but it’s a bit risky

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    • I feel blessed living here. I try to make the most of the countryside when time permits – I’d rather be outdoors than sat in front of a television like a lot of people I could name lol. We’re only here on planet earth for a short period of time – I want to see it all 😁

      Tbilisi – now that’s a place I think I would really enjoy ☺

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      • You can’t be more right! People are missing half their life while starring at the television or smart phones 🙂 Will enjoy your country through your posts and yes Tbilisi is a place that you will certainly enjoy, when you have time check my posts, wrote 4 parts about our trip
        Have a good time 🙂

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