Week In Focus #16

This is picture #16 of a weekly Photo Challenge that I set myself – there is no particular theme. Today’s photo is of a Highland Cow, laying on grass, on Cold Fell in West Cumbria.

Highland, an ancient Scottish breed, is the oldest registered cattle breed in the world. Highland cattle can withstand harshest conditions and seem to be immune to everything. They live longer and produce more calves than other breeds.

Highland Cow Facts

  1. Highland is the oldest registered breed in the world
  2. A group of Highland cattle is not called a herd, but a fold.
  3. Their hair reaches about 13 inches long
  4. Highland Cows are known to live for about 20 years
  5. Highland Cows are quite docile
Highland Cow
Highland Cow


  1. When I took agroforestry classes in college we had to submit a trail proposal to the federal government as part of our final grade. Long story short, part of the project included re-establishing the American buffalo in my area about fostering buffalo calves with Scottish Highland cattle because they’re feeding habits were so similar.

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