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Workington Windmills

The west coast of Cumbria, especially in the Workington area, is covered with electricity generating windmills. Personally, I think they are a blight on the landscape, and that we should stick with nuclear generation if we are to improve our carbon footprint upon the planet.

The image was captured at the Port of Workington. The is owned and operated by Cumbria County Council. The Port is a strategic hub serving Northern England & Scotland. The Port’s principal cargo handling facilities are centred on the Prince of Wales Dock.

This modern enclosed dock has a total water area of 2.6 hectares and a quay frontage of 773m providing 7 berths plus a ro-ro facility. The Port also offers rail freight services via its main line connection. All berths are rail-connected and the Port Authority operates its own locomotives on the site’s extensive internal rail system.

  • This photo was an experiment, out of curiosity, to see how it would appear. The image consists of five exposures stacked on top of each other, and seems to work really well. The windmills almost look like huge Dandelions, about to be blown in the wind.
Workington Windmills
Workington Windmills


  1. Love the photo, great work! ❤️ I agree on the blight… Nuke is better but I’m still on with coal and Natural Gas. The public busses and others all fire on NG in Vegas.

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