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Week In Focus #9

This is picture #9 of a weekly Photo Challenge that I set myself – there is no particular theme. Today’s photo is of a handshake with Poppy, in celebration of New Year’s Day.

  • This photo was taken on my mobile phone.

A handshake is a brief greeting or parting tradition in which one of each other’s hands are grasped, in most cases accompanied by a brief up-and-down movement.

Archaeological ruins and ancient texts show that handshaking – also known as dexiosis – was practiced in ancient Greece as far back as the 5th century BC.

The handshake is believed by some to have originated as a gesture of peace by demonstrating that the hand holds no weapon.

Almost all countries shake hands, although in Japan they bow, and in some other Asian countries, like Thailand, they do the Namaste.

The Namaste is when the person greeting will usually say the word “Namaste” to the other, with their hands pressed together, and do a slight bow.

Some countries in the Middle East do shake hands, but it might not be as firm as we would shake hands in the UK. In China, it’s polite to shake hands more lightly too and it might last for as long as 10 seconds.

Other countries, like France, might also kiss on the cheek to say hello or goodbye. Poppy likes French kissing, but I won’t go there 😝

All the very best to you and yours for the year ahead. Don’t drink too much in celebration.. But, if you do, hair of the dog might help you recover. Just don’t blame me if you get bitten.

Handshake With Dog
Happy New Year!


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