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Week in Focus #8

This is picture #8 of a weekly Photo Challenge that I set myself – there is no particular theme. The challenge is to get myself outside and simply take photographs. Today’s photo is of a bird box (nest box) which I spotted hanging from a tree on the local cycle path.

  • This photo was taken on my mobile phone.
  • I’ve brought forward this weeks challenge due to Christmas.
Bird Box
Bird Box

I didn’t see any evidence of the bird box being used – maybe it is too exposed, facing the wrong way, or Sylvester the cat is prowling.

Seeing the box did bring back some fond memories for me, from my Woodwork classes at school – a bird box is something that I had created in the past – mind you, I don’t think that attracted any birds either. Lol.


  1. Made a bird box. Looked a bit like Fawlty Towers. Birds refused to use it. Every year move it with the hope of more luck. But did have great fun making it. Birds do like sitting on it. They also like doing a very similar word on it as well. Always cleaning it.

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  2. They are called a bird house over here, same thing of course. My mother had a house that was round and looked like a big cat head, the birds used it frequently. The mouth was the entrance!

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    • I’ve been looking at different sorts on Google Shopping today. I haven’t seen the kind you mention, but there are all sorts of weird designs. One that I liked appeared to be an old rusty fire hydrant that had been adapted.

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