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Crossfield Bowling Club

My Dad used to be a member of the Crossfield Road Bowling Club at Cleator Moor many a moon ago, and took me along from time to time, as a toddler. Alas, the game wasn’t for me, but I do like to reminisce.

While passing the green one day, I decided to pop in to see how things are. There is a new clubhouse, but nothing much else has changed. The original clubhouse is still there, looking as magnificent as ever in its green and white livery. Membership ages at the club range from 23 to 87 – all of varying abilities.

Cleator Moor Bowling Club
Cleator Moor Bowling Club

Today, the club is 137 years old, and was built by Scottish mine owner – John Stirling – for his workforce to spend their leisure time.

Stirling was honoured for his philanthropy in 1902, when the townsfolk erected a Water Fountain on Cleator Moor square, in tribute to John and Marian Stirling on the occasion of their Golden Wedding.

  • In the early days of mining Stirling tried to look after the health and welfare of his workforce and their families by building a local hospital, schools and churches.
Postcard: Stirling Memorial, 1907

Inscribed on the fountain is:

Erected by the public of Cleator Moor to commemorate the Golden Wedding of John and Marian Stirling, as a token off the high esteem in which they are held. 1852 –September 14th – 1902

Their love for the people of the district has been made manifest by man acts of large hearted kindness

Good name in man and Woman is the immediate Jewel of the souls, Othello: Act3, Scene 3

Opened by Jonas Lindow Esq.. Sept 9th 1903 W Gaythwaite Chairman of Committee F.A. Ciappessoni Hon Sec

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