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Abstract Leaves

Bear’s Photos of Cornwall has a lovely style of abstract photography. I thought I would have a go at reproducing what Bear has achieved. Think of it as, painting with the camera.

An ideal candidate, I imagined, would be a pile of leaves laying on the ground. I hoped that purposeful camera motion would give an illusion of movement. I hope the image comes over how I see it in my head. Lol.

Bear says he was inspired to try abstract photography due to the skills of an artist friend of his. The effect Bear uses is easy enough to achieve, by using a slow shutter speed, and panning – but, there is quite a bit of skill in choosing the right subject and clicking that shutter button at the right time.

Autumn Leaves
Autumn Leaves

The artist must ask you to think of the world in a different way, and sometimes it’s a more abstract way; sometimes it’s a completely different kind of colouring

William Lipscomb

Over time, this style of photography should improve for me. I do prefer traditional landscape photography, but an extra skill in the toolkit is always useful at some point. Thanks to Bear for my inspiration!


  1. Glad to see you were inspired by seeing my pictures!
    This Intentional Camera Movement technique is much easier to try out now that 200 shots of an experimental nature don’t carry the same financial risk as the film days. Spotting what could work, and making it work, is still a learning process but the trusty 6 stop ND filter is also often screwed on to see what happens regardless.
    Selecting which ones work for you is as much of the process as the taking, important for me on days where mobility means more processing and less taking.

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    • Hopefully someone will be inspired by my movement too 🤭😋

      I totally agree about cost. If I had a blurry picture after buying a roll of film, I’d have been mortified. Lol. I’ll keep revisiting this technique. Thanks Bear!

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  2. I used to try the odd shot in the days of film, zooming whilst taking the photo. Hadn’t thought of trying it this way. Much cheaper to practice now with digital. After seeing your shots I may give it a try. We aren’t short of leaves at the moment.

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