Poppy ❤

I was having a ratch (its a great word isn’t it?) through my my old photos and came across one of my best friend, and walking companion, and I just had to share with you all.

This photo was taken on our local cycle-way during the summer of 2016. Crikey, how time flies! I still remember this like yesterday, so thank goodness I still have my faculties. I think I do, anyways 😂

Poppy ❤

His nose is short and scrubby;
His ears hang rather low;
And he always brings the stick back
No matter how far you throw,

He gets spanked rather often
For things he shouldn’t do,
Like lying-on-beds, and barking,
And eating up shoes when they’re new

He always wants to be going
Where he isn’t supposed to go.
He tracks up the house when it’s snowing–
Oh, puppy, I love you so.

Marchette Chute


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