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Down The Pan

My local newspaper has gone down the pan. Over 100 years of quality journalism appears to have been lost, with mistake after mistake appearing among its pages, and online.

This has been a gradual decline, and is probably linked to cost-cutting. Maybe it’s time to close the doors of the establishment permanently, and just be done with the death throes we are experiencing?

I know I’m not the worlds best at writing, but what I offer up is for free. Newspapers in general, aren’t free, and as such, should have some sort of quality assurance in place as a bare minimum. Surely?

Maybe the reporters have been celebrating Christmas early, with the odd tipple of Sherry, or are simply advertising the Tour of Australia?

Has someone been drinking?
  • The newspaper has lost this reader, and will probably lose more.

I’m no longer willing to buy the £1.40 Whitehaven News – not even for wiping my fat arse on. Besides, a roll of toilet paper costs around 50p, and is much more enjoyable. Plus, no mistakes are left behind 🤭


  1. No mistakes! LOL. Sorry this has happened, journalism around the planet seems to be dead. I bailed on the so-called news years ago in any form. It’s all lies. 😎

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    • The National stuff that news organisations produce nowadays is just sensational crap; so that the gullible buy their newspapers.

      As for local news, its all spoon fed to reporters with press releases. They hardly ever go out and investigate what’s happening in the area.

      There are loads of stories out there, for example – our local council has written off £500,000 in loans. But, they are also wanting the taxpayer to save £500,000 – by cutting services, or by paying more tax.

      Both stories were covered on separate days, but the newspaper missed the irony in the appeal for savings.

      They’re frightened to ask the right questions, such as, which idiot is in charge?

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  2. Next time you see anything in the news with the newspapers themselves, hand wringing over possible censoring, legal ramifications on reporting and about the possible loss to the local community of a valuable investigative presence keeping all the powers that be on their toes, remember your local paper is owned by Newsquest, publisher of 205 titles across the UK and is itself owned by Gannet Company, an American media firm based in Virginia.
    ‘Local’ papers already died a long time ago.

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  3. It would be interesting to know who received the loans, unsure why that issue was publicised as it doesn’t seem to surprise anybody.

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