A Love-Struck Peacock

This beautiful Peacock was strutting his stuff at a local zoo, and putting on a magnificent display for me with his train of feathers. Who can blame him, for wanting to impress? 🤣

Five Facts

  • The collective term for these birds is peafowl.
  • The males are peacocks and the females are peahens.
  • The babies are called peachicks.
  • A family of peafowl is called a bevy.
  • Domesticated peacocks can live up to 40 years.
Feathery Love-Struck Peacock

The Peacock

What’s riches to him
That has made a great peacock
With the pride of his eye?
The wind-beaten, stone-grey,
And desolate Three Rock
Would nourish his whim.
Live he or die
Amid wet rocks and heather,
His ghost will be gay
Adding feather to feather
For the pride of his eye.

William Butler Yeats


  1. Not just technically excellent, but what lifts this above the rest is the tilt of the head and the look of curiosity. Maybe he could see himself reflected in your lens.

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