The River Liza

I could sit for hours upon hours at the side of the River Liza. The roaring water; the nature; the tranquillity – they all add up to something special.

The meandering River Liza, flows through the wonderfully remote Ennerdale Valley. The river spawns Trout, Salmon, Charr, among others. The name of the Liza derives from old Norse, conferring a meaning of “light (or shining) river”.

River Liza, a unique river in England which is dynamic, wilful and free to shift its course – something it often does in response to heavy rainfall. Here you’ll find England’s only migratory population of Arctic char. This fish dates back to the Ice Age and is now marooned in only a handful of the UK’s deepest and coldest lakes.

The river is subject to the Wild Ennerdale Project which aims to introduce more wildlife to the Ennerdale Valley. The Wild Ennerdale Project uses a policy similar to managed retreat which means the river is subject to no human interference or maintenance such as dredging, straightening or even flood defences.

The aims of the project is conservation and protection of natural heritage.

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River Liza, Ennerdale
River Liza, Ennerdale