Wet Dog

I think Poppy was born with webbed feet. She just adores water. The above photo was from a recent visit to Longlands Lake – the site of the former Longlands iron ore mine.

In 1939, the mine started to subside, flooding the area to create what is now Longlands Lake. Longlands was acquired by Cumbria County Council in 1980, and through sensitive management is now a haven for wildlife of all kinds.

Longlands Lake nestles between Egremont and Cleator Moor on the West Coast of Cumbria and supports an abundance of wildlife within a variety of habitats, which include: broad-leaf woodland, grassland and aquatic vegetation.

Wet Dog

The lake is important for its bird population and breeding species include mute swan, coot, moorhen, goosander, tufted duck and mallard.

Wet Dog

The truth I do not stretch or shove
When I state the dog is full of love.
I’ve also found, by actual test,
A wet dog is the lovingest.

Ogden Nash